Call: 8 615 55788


  • Orders from 140 lt carriage free.
  • Ordered goods are delivering by Vilpostus.
  • Service areas can be found here - Vilpostus.
  • Delivering cost in Lithuania is 9 lt.
  • Ordered goods are delivered to the office, home or in another place from 08.00-17.00 every day except weekends and holidays.
  • After apllied order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and it will indicate the payment details and the amount credited to the delivering cost.
  • Product delivery will take 3-4 w.d. period from receipt payment. Ordered goods are delivering by named adress.
  • If you want a longer or shorter delivery time than 3-4 w.d, report it to this mobile nr. (8 ~ 615 55788) or e-mail to
  • Before accepting the shipment, check the status of the package (it can‘t be opened, rupture or anyhow damaged). If the packaging is damaged, immediately notify to this mobile nr.(8 ~ 615 55788) and do not accept the package.
  • For all questions about an order, payment and delivery please e-mail to or call to mobile nr. (8 ~ 615 55788).